O2 star wars freebies

Nightmare company. Ordered a phone skin in February; still not received and their customer service is shocking. Would definitely avoid. Mine arrived today, very happy with the whole process and the look of it plus my customised mouse mat from another deal arrived today too. Arrived today - awful fit on an iPhone 6. The cut out for the home button looks like it was done by a toddler.

Remember anybody it was for 50p once?? I used two vouchers.

O2 Priority is relaunching and dishing out loads more freebies with O2 phone deals

Now they have turned off that loophole. Top quality. Second time I've bought and binned after a few days. Just buy one off eBay. Disappointed in O2 for supporting this. Hi, thanks but the website does not allow me to delete the code already in the box or let me type in a new code once the first one has been accepted!! No need to cancel code, just put 2 nd code. Hopefully it will help. I ordered this a month ago and it still hasn't been dispatched!

O2 Wireless – Hyde Park, London

The same case. No refund. Must avoid. Poor service. All about the highest quality picture to get the best result I may have to do a PS4 one. One of the few times having a barely-working S3 comes in useful. Kind of. Will have to grab one when I get home. At checkout it changed to 2 items in basket costing twice as much.

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I changed it back to 1. Will I still receive my 2 designs?

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Does say you get 2 designs, but then why did it add another item to my basket? They say they've posted an easy fit guide and gave me a code to order new stickers. If you look at their website they've changed the design completely. The code they sent includes postage, which is good. Can't find the easy fit guide, though! Probably wouldn't have ordered if I knew a 'skin' was just another word for a 'sticker'. The way to find out is to try and see.

The fraud squad will not be coming around to pay a visit if you do. Yeah, still not working. And loads of others are having the same problem going off the reviews for it. Got mine Or the wife's more like this morning, And I kind of see why it's it's kind of cold, I don't do all this phone wrapping stuff, So it's really all my fault, But I never realised that a wrapp Other than a tasty snack was just a fancy sticker, And her iPhone is in a case, So she really needed the hard case one, And at 17 quid that's a bit steep really.

I'm here trying to figure out why this has gone cold, Just ordered one for the wife,It was only yesterday she asked about these for her new iPhone, So cheers.

We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. This is one of the reasons why I was very excited when I received the research that Zipcar UK completed as part of their campaign with Park4Picnics. This adds up to an estimated 5. Research from July indicates Londoners chose the best place for a picnic in London with a view to be: in order of preference. Standing with one foot on each side means you are perfectly in the middle of east and west.

Of course, if you want to go somewhere off the beaten path, there are some great ideas in the research too. And, in the spirit of the North vs South River Thames debate that playfully takes place among all Londoners, the spots are divided this way too. If you are new to the British picnic process, Mr Sunny and I can help. We produced a video back in showing how much fun a picnic in London can be. If you would rather read about it on the blog rather than watch it on the Sunny News YouTube , that is possible too.

What I think could stop many people from planning a picnic in London is how to transport their hamper, blanket, and other fun items to make the day enjoyable. Sunny friends, have you gone on a picnic to any of these places or can you add an idea to the best place for a picnic in London? The Guide has top recommended restaurants from a local, organised by neighbourhood. Downloading the file to your phone means skipping Wi-fi and finding a fab foodie place- fast! As part of the welcome, you will also receive several other free downloads that will guide you through trip planning, plus a weekly edition of the hottest happenings in London.

Up at The O2, London: Hours, Address, Up at The O2 Reviews: 4.5/5

The blog also has an additional list more detailed list of London restaurants too, as well as many other ideas for a foodie traveller. It features costumes, production materials and mdels from the most epic films of all time. Star Wars Identities creatively appeals to those who are more scientifically inclined too. Mr Sunny and I went to see the costumes and props. I have always liked the films. That thing is small! That was a good thing because that part of the exhibit gets a two thumbs down. You receive a lanyard to wear around your neck that has a circular device in the centre.

Finally, you have an earpiece that goes over one ear. I understand that the premise of exhibit is scientific and psychological exploration.

AND collect images for a video and blog review! Between the static and random sound bytes fizzing in my ear, that part of the experience was more annoying than useful. You visit 10 different stations. At each location there is information about human psychology and character development. As you read about the journeys of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, you make selections about items like what you want your guiding trait or value, origin for your character to be. I received mine within a minute after entering my address. Choose your first character carefully. Book tickets in advance and arrive early.

The O2 is ginormous and the exhibit took us about 10 minutes to find once we arrived inside the building. For those more scientifically focused, you could be there several hours. It has amazing views of London at night, but here you can see more about the daytrip views. I did it over the summer and loved it. It could be a really fun adrenaline filled activity to test out your newly acquired hero identity! Read my review or watch the video here…. We purchased our tickets through a deal notice I received via my email subscription with Timeout. This allowed us to preview the exhibit four days before it opened at a discounted rate.

Leave your thoughts and questions about the Star Wars Identities exhibit in the comments below. Climb the O2? It was originally built to celebrate the year and was first named the Millenium Dome. When I did a livestream video on my Facebook page , my American friends were quite curious about the attraction. In summary, after the Manchester Arena, it has the second-highest seating capacity for an indoor venue in the UK. In , it surpassed Madison Square Garden for the busiest music arena. I really loved my climb the O2 experience and have some advice for anyone considering this attraction in London.